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About us

VideoPartner Limited is a marketing-video-content company based in Europe. We produce and license unique digital and audio-visual video content for our clients all over the world. We are passionate about good content and we understand that online video is the future.

Our mission is to provide non-exclusive and/or geographically exclusive, high quality, innovative, localized and monetizable video content. We take care of everything, starting pre-production to post-production. We also market informative content for digital video platforms, social media, and online portals. We aim to provide video content ten times faster and ten times cheaper than a company could produce videos of similar quality on its own.

We are constantly working on the new video series. Our partners always get the information about our new series first hand. Voice of our customers is very important to us and we appreciate all the feedback from them. We cooperate with our partners. They always can suggest new ideas and topics for us. We work, grow and evolve hand in hand.

Speed matters: We can offer you instant delivery. Our project files are ready to use and you can download them easily. If you want to localize it then you can do it easily within just minutes.
Quality matters: Content is king and our content has been co-created in partnerships with different professionals. We co-operate with medical and healthcare professionals, pre-school teachers, parents and pregnant mothers etc. According to the project we always have a strong team and we involve various specialists for advising. Additional to all our specialists we also co-create with content advisors. Our purpose is to offer high-quality and meaningful video content.
Profit matters: When you incorporate our videos you will have new revenue streams from more products to sell. For example, pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll advertisements, special sponsorship packages, display ads on the same page as the video and ads in email alerts containing links to video content.
Flexibility matters: Our project files are non-exclusive but we can offer you an exclusive and custom video series. With your cooperation and prompt approvals, your own final customized and branded video series can be ready to go live in just no more than 8 weeks.
Trust matters: Our video content is correct and accurate. Verified by WHO (World Health Organization) and UNICEF.


Here are a few things we would like to list for you:

  •  A video is the most preferred format for content consumption.
  • Due to the popularity of mobile devices, the video is also on the constant rise. It’s easy to enjoy our videos through mobile devices.
  • Our videos offer a long-term value. They are made as timeproof as possible.
  • Videos also bring attention to your other formats of content (text, images etc.).
  • Video content is a highly effective marketing tool.
  • Our videos perform well on social media.
  • Videos help to raise the time spent on site + it gives you the extra 2 mins dwell time.
  • Boost your SEO with our videos.
  • Thanks to the video ad sales, the other ad solutions may also get a boost.


About Baby Food video series team

The VideoPartner Baby Food video series team is an ambitious and experienced group of medical, video and internet marketing professionals supported by talented actors, models, animators, and editors.

Meet the Key people:

Silja Staalfeldt-Rahumägi – Midwife & Video Content Consultant
Silja’s role is to ensure the content in the video episodes are factually correct. She is the head of midwifery at maternal counseling at East Tallinn Central Hospital and head of the Breastfeeding Community of EU in Estonia. Silja has also studied and worked in Stockholm, Sweden.

Ada Vahtrik – Midwife & Video Content Consultant
Ada is also our video content consultant. She is the head of breastfeeding counseling at East Tallinn Central Hospital. She is also IBCLC (International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners) national coordinator in Estonia. She was awarded the title of “Midwife of the Year 2013” issued by the Estonian Association of Midwives.

Mari-Liis Tammik – Biotechnologist & Video Content Consultant
Mari-Liis is our third video content consultant. Food science and technology is her passion. She is the CEO at Miam catering and works at the Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies.


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About our team

Kaarel Veike – Managing Director and Board Member at VideoPartner
Tuuli Roosma – Financial Manager and Board Member at VideoPartner
Evelin Vahtra – Sales Manager at VideoPartner
Marjut Reinike – Project Manager at VideoPartner
Maria Veike – Production Manager at VideoPartner
Ruwe Saare – Video editor, cinematographer, and photographer at VideoPartner